Veronika – Bar Supervisor


Get to know Veronika Stranovska who mixes your cocktails most evenings at Swan.

Q:What is your role here at the Swan?
A: I work as a bar supervisor and I started last year in August.

Q: What is it you love about the working here at the Swan?
A: The people I work with. We make a great team and without them it would be impossible achieve anything.

Q: What’s your favourite dish on the menu?
A: Definitely the salads on the lunch menu. We make them fresh and they change each day. I don’t like to stick with a routine so this is perfect for me.

Q: What’s your place to eat out or dish to cook at home?
A: London is full of great places to eat so I like to try new places all the time. The only place I always go back to is my local breakfast and coffee place in Clapton where I live. The staff are very friendly and usually I have a hangover, so it is nice and easy to get to. My ultimate dish to cook is parmigiana.

Q: What’s your secret hangover cure?
A: Before I go to bed I drink lots of water and as soon as I wake up I do the same. Occasionally only chunky chips with sweet chilli sauce with do the trick

Q: Who would be your ideal dinner party guest?
A: Anyone who loves good food, wine and you can have an interesting conversation with.

Q: Describe the Swan in one word?
A: It evokes many feelings like love, passion, friendship, but for me I think “Life” is the word I would use.

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