Ticia – Human Resources Manager


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S: What is your role here at the Swan?
D: I run human resources here; so I’m hiring, training and helping develop the staff that are here at the Swan. I’m also responsible for the all-important payroll as well; it’s a varied and interesting role. I love the building and I love the people here.

S: What’s your favourite dish on the menu?
D: I’m quite difficult to please as I’m a pescatarian but I love all the veggie dishes and also the Lemon Sole.

S: Where was the last place you ate out?
D: I love British cuisine and Mexican but my favourite is Thai cuisine. I last went to the Begging Bowl in Peckham. It is tiny and they have quite a small menu but everything is really tasty. The people there are really nice.

S: What’s your secret hangover cure?
D: It was always a Bloody Mary and a beer but I don’t drink anymore. That always used to work though.

S: Who would be your ideal dinner party guest?
D: Helena Bonham Carter, I just think we’d get on. She seems really interesting and she has a lot of character.

S: Describe the Swan in one word?
D: Interesting.

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