Swan’s Summer Cocktail Menu

Sweet; punchy; bitter; sour; our bar team have been busy concocting some fabulous new additions to our cocktail menu, with summertime flavours and

If you have a sweet tooth, then our bar manager Yinka recommends the Strawberry and Lavender High Life. With citrus-infused vodka, lavender, strawberries and English sparkling wine, this pretty beverage is sure to be a summertime favourite!

For a lot of people, summer and sangria are almost synonymous, and so we have put our own twist on the classic and created a Basil Sangria with white wine, basil, grapefruit and honey. It’s pretty good (if we do say so ourselves) and a refreshing way to end the day.

And if you’re thinking about taking things easy, we’ve got two delicious and refreshing new mocktails for you too. Why not try our Cucumber Blush? We blend cucumber and apple with elderflower and ginger ale to make this instantly refreshing and thirst-quenching drink which can be enjoyed all day!