Swan and Modern British Cuisine

Swan Bar & Restaurant is located on the Southbank overlooking the River Thames and a short walk from London Bridge station. Seasonal and modern British menus are the Swan hallmark for lunch, afternoon tea and dinner meals.

Swan’s modern British cuisine has embraced influences brought to English kitchens by citizens and travelers alike, which has made London a destination for foodies seeking fresh takes on traditional cuisine and locally sourced food prepared with simplicity and imagination by smart chefs.

Breakfast at Swan is served in the Bar starting at 8 on weekdays and 10 on weekends (though these hours sometimes change based on the time of year). The menu includes homemade smoothies, locally sourced bacon and sausages and traditional English breakfasts. For example – Swan Eggs Benedict has been voted to London’s Top Ten by The Evening Standard.

Afternoon tea at Swan is served from 2:30 to 4 overlooking the Thames and St Paul’s. Relax and choose from Earl Grey or Darjeeling, peppermint, green or black, or popcorn tea, among others, and enjoy 3 tiers of traditional English teatime treats such as: Finger sandwiches with Scottish salmon or ham hocks and mustard; homemade scones with clotted cream; and patisseries prepared fresh each day.  And of course, Swan offers accompanying fizz to all. And if you’re looking for some history about afternoon tea, high tea and more, read this.

Pre and post-theatre dining is available Monday through Saturday, and the Swan à la carte menu is a modern English dinner feast of local British produce, meats, and cheeses — including Isle of Wight tomato salad, roast Daphne’s leg of lamb, belted Galloway sirloin, smoked salmon, Lincolnshire potatoes, and sticky toffee pudding listed comfortably alongside an offering of almond pistachio cake, poached apricots and crème fraiche. Swan has even posted on their website some of their chef’s best recipes so that you can try your hand at cooking up some modern British cuisine at home.

We are located right by the river and walking distance from several areas such as Southwark, South Bank, London Bridge, Borough and more, so include us as part of your riverside walk by the Thames.  And you can also take a tour inside the restaurant here at https://www.swanlondon.co.uk/look-around-the-swan-at-shakespeares-globe/