Royal Bream fillet “en papillote”

Recipe for Royal Bream fillet “en papillote”, with Jerusalem artichokes, salsify & mussels

200g Cornish Sea bream fillet
¼ lemon wedge
30g Curry butter
50g salsify
50 Jerusalem artichokes
50 cherry tomatoes cut in half
2g Basil leaves
70g mussels
50ml white wine
Salt & pepper

Trim the fish and cut in half. Cook the salsify and Jerusalem artichoke till aldente. Cut them in half of quarter depending on the size. Cut a rectangular piece of grease proof paper the size of a main course plate. Place the plate in a soup plate. Place 4 or 5 pieces of the artichoke and salsify as a base. Season the fish and place both pieces on top of each other. Cut a slice of the butter and place it on the top of the fish. Add 3 mussels around and close the papillote. Twist the edge and tie with string. Trim each ends to leave about 3cm on each side. Bake for 12 min and serve.

Curry Butter:
250g butter
2g chopped Thyme
2g chopped Tarragon
50ml lemon juice
1g curry powder
Salt & pepper
Combine all ingredients in a mixer with wish attachment and mix until lemon juice in incorporated. Check seasoning and roll in foil into a sausage. Chill.