Lucy – event sales executive


This week we talk to Lucy, our event sales executive about her role here at the Swan, some of her top foodie tips and how to cure a hangover.‬‬

S: What is your role here?
L: We look after the private events here, anything from a corporate launch to a 50th wedding anniversary.

S: Can you talk me through your day-to-day routine?
L: My day mainly involves handling enquiries, meeting clients and then handing them off to the planners here at the Swan.

S: What do you most like about working at the Swan?
L: It’s a really open-minded company, allowing you to express yourself in your role, which is great. It’s a really enjoyable place to work.

S: What is your favourite dish on the menu here?
L: On the A La Carte menu at the moment, there is a really nice veal dish that is served with truffle mac and cheese. I’m obsessed with mac and cheese; it’s delicious.

S: Where was the last place you ate out?
L: Fish, wings & tings in Brixton. It’s a really cool little Caribbean place with good hearty food, not to mention rum.

S: What’s your favourite hangover cure?
L: Pity. Failing that, a cheese and marmite toasty.

S: If you could have any person in the World over for dinner, who would it be?
L: Steven Gerrard. It’s not a crush; it’s an absolute obsession. I’d have the ropes ready to kidnap him.

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