Jean-Claude, Head Pastry Chef


Find out a bit more about Jean-Claude, Head Pastry Chef at the Swan.

S: What is your role here at the Swan?
JC: I’m in charge of all the cakes and desserts across the Globe. Every day is flat-out with preparing sweets for the café first thing, then afternoon tea, the specials and the list goes on. This week we’ve made 1,000 cheesecakes, we do so much but it is great work.

S: What is it you love about the working here at the Swan?
JC: I really love the bond between the people here. The location in front of St Paul’s is incredible. I always wanted to work in London and you don’t get any more London than this.

S: What’s your favourite dish on the menu?
JC: It may be surprising but I don’t really eat desserts, so it wouldn’t be anything I made. I usually order a starter, followed by a main course, then another starter. I ate out last week and I had ham croquettes for dessert. As for what to eat here, there’s a short rib on the menu with a mustard & breadcrumb crust, served with creamy mash – it’s beautiful.

S: What’s your favorite place to eat out or dish to cook at home?
JC: Last night I went out to a little place in Chinatown but the dim sum was incredible, the best I have ever had. I try to go somewhere new once a month.

S: What’s your secret hangover cure?
JC: The best thing is to have another drink, a Bloody Mary works a treat.

S: Who would be your ideal dinner party guest?
JC: Mr Bean, in full character. I went to Cornwall for the eclipse years ago and he was there at a VIP party I attended. I could not stop laughing at how silly he was.

S: Describe the Swan in one word?
JC: Inspiring.

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