Jan, our Bar Supervisor

Find out a bit more about Jan, our Bar Supervisor.


S: What is your role here at the Swan?
J: I usually work morning shifts, so I open up the bar a lot. I’m also responsible for the bar rotas as well.

S: What is it you love about the working here at the Swan?
J: I enjoy the customers but I really love the people I work with. I used to work in a 5 star restaurant that had only business customers but here we get people from the theatre, tourists, local workers; it’s a great mix and a lot of fun.

S: What’s your favourite dish on the menu?
J: It may not sound that adventurous but I love the burger here or the steak. The meat is awesome.

S: Where was the last place you ate out?
J: Every month after payday a few of us go out and try somewhere new. Last month it was a nice place in Mayfair but I can’t remember the name of it – probably because of the amount of drinks we had!

S: What’s your favourite dish to cook at home?
J: Well I love to make salads. I’m a big fan of fresh foods, especially fresh vegetables.

S: What’s your secret hangover cure?
J: Coffee and eggs. If it is really bad, then coffee and McDonalds.

S: Who would be your ideal dinner party guest?
J: Paris Hilton. She’s my favourite celebrity.

S: Describe the Swan in one word?
J: Crazy.

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