Jade – On-Site Florist


Jade can brighten up your day with flowers.

S: What is your role here at the Swan?
J: I’m the on site florist.

S: What is it you love about the working here at the Swan?
J: The people that I get to see each day. There are some great, friendly and beautiful characters here.

S: What’s your favourite dish on the menu?
J: Am I allowed to pick a dessert? Dessert is my thing. The apple pie is to die for!

S: What’s your place to eat out or dish to cook at home?
J: I love food! So pretty much anywhere but I think I could eat sushi all day, everyday.

S: What’s your secret hangover cure?
J: Haha is there one!? Water water water! And a Disney film in bed. Then maybe some doughnuts or something naughty like that.

S: Who would be your ideal dinner party guest?
J: David Attenborough! I’ve loved that man since I was a child. He’s a legend and I’m obsessed with animals and nature.

S: Describe the Swan in one word?
J: Inviting