Afternoon Tea

Swan’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream afternoon tea is inspired by the play and worthy of the fairy queen herself. The tea includes a collection of sweet and savoury delights, many of which can be traced back to the food and characters seen in the play. The menu features pea flower, which is the flower from which Oberon’s love potion is squeezed, interfering with the lovers’ fates throughout the play, apricots, which Titania feeds to Bottom when she is cast under the potion’s spell, and mulberries, the tree under which Pyramus and Thisbe agree to meet in the play within a play.

The tea is served on bespoke crockery reflecting the themes of the play, specially designed by illustrator Annika Wester.

Available Monday to Saturday from 11.30am – 3.30pm, and Sundays from 2pm – 3.30pm.

Please note, we will not be serving afternoon tea from Monday 28th November to Sunday 1 January, inclusive.